The A2B2C will host the 9th Argentinian Congress of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (9CAB2C). The meeting will take place on 20–23 November 2017, at the Escuela de Pesca in the beautiful city of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dr. Mar Albà University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Alonso University of San Luis, Argentina
  • Dr. Norman Davey University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
  • Dr. Toby Gibson EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
  • Dr. Emanuela Leonardi University of Padova, Italy
  • Dr. Ben Moore EBI-EMBL, Hinxton United Kingdom
  • Dr. Peter Tompa Free University Brussels, Belgium
  • Dr. Silvio Tosatto University of Padova, Italy
  • Dr. Fernando Villarreal IIB-CONICET-UNMdP, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Pre-congress activities

19 and 20 November there will also be pre-congress courses / workshops.
The CAB2C is a multidisciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of research in computational biology, bioinformatics and their applications. The CAB2C welcomes academic and professional contributions, from various scientific disciplines (Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics , Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Medicine, Microbiology and others).

Official Site

The official site of the conference is 9CAB2C 2017. Important information on the conference and submissions is provided at that page. You can also get updates via their facebook page or their Twitter account @9_cab2, #9CAB2C. You can contact them via 9CAB2C@gmail.com.


Submissions of abstracts for consideration as talks or posters will be processed at the official site for the conference.
Submit your abstract here.

Inscriptions will open the Friday the 31st of August.

Registrations and payments are being collected at the conference site, for A2B2C members and for others paying in ARS Pesos.


Fellowship Applications

Fellowships are meant for PhD students performing their thesis work in Argentina. The fellowship request is, however, to be made by the principal investigator. This will give us a good insight in the demand and allows us to provide fellowships based on group-size and travel distance to Mar del Plata.

Please send a mail to 9CAB2C@gmail.com providing the following information:

  • Total number of participants from your group (including staff and Postdocs).
  • Your location.
  • Your operative funding sources (e.g. PICT, PIP).

The amount of the fellowship will also depend on the number of accepted requests and our final budget.
Deadline for fellowship application is September 28.